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Ravin 500 Round the World Trip by Calle Hedberg

More info about the trip here

Hi, Since I’m back, here’s a little bit of statistics from the trip (more to come):

Total flown 54,680 nautical miles (~2.5 times around the earth at the equator)
Total hours flown in ZU-XML: 385 hours, with 46 hours in IMC and 10 hours at night.
In other words, my average GROUND speed was only 142 knots. That’s relatively low for a Ravin 500, but the reasons should be obvious:

1. I usually flew at 55-60% power to save fuel (no hurry, I was on holiday!) – with true air speed 145-160KTAS

2. Flying westwards, the prevailing winds are headwinds.
I’ve used 15,900 litres of avgas (USG 4,200), at an average cost of R 21.70 per litre (USD 2.00 at today’s rate) – total cost R 345,000 (USD 32,300).
So around 3.44nm per litre, or (more commonly used) 13nm per US gallon. This might again seem low – Troll Air’s most economic performance see around 17.5nm per gallon – but again remember it’s all flying including low level at high power settings and it’s compared to ground covered so less performance due to headwinds.