Ravin 500 Specifications

Anyone who has flown The Ravin 500 will tell you that this small aircraft is a paragon in handling pleasure.

The Ravin 500 controls are light and responsive: the aircraft combines huge speed and performance with superb stability around all three axes for perfect control harmony.  It also boasts easier to operate landing gear allowing for a smooth landing from impressive speeds.

Able to fly up to 2200 nautical nonstop, the Ravin 500 has the longest flight range of any plane in its class.

The 500 also shows off with impressive top speeds & cruise speeds.  When the Ravin engine is running at 75% the cruise speed sits at a notable 175knots.

With the accepted ideal control force ratio expressed as A1:E2:R4 for aileron, elevator and rudder the Ravin 500 closely adheres to this standard.

The ailerons are especially light to manipulate, thanks to their differential action and Frise-type projections.

Overall the Ravin 500 is a unique mix of high performance and high pleasure that is rarely found in light aircraft.

We believe we have created an aircraft that exudes fun, freedom, performance and innovation that has to be flown to be believed.

General Specifications

Aircraft Type: 4-Seat cruiser, conventional
Wing span: 10,40m (34ft 2 in)
Wing Area: 14.6 sqm (157 sq ft)
Empty Weight: ~975kg (Depending on equipment)
Max take-off Weight: 1621kg (3575lb)
Aircraft length: 7,42m (24 ft 4in)
Engine: Typical – Lycoming IO-540-D4A5 (194kW, 260hp)
Fuel Capacity: 160 US gal integral wing tanks
Max power loading: 8,35kg/sq m (22,7 lb/hp)
Max wing loading: 111 kg/sq m (22,7 lb/sq ft)
Max level speed (sea level ISA): 200 kts (230mph) IAS
Optimum cruise (75%@ 6500ft): 180kts ( 207mph) TAS
Stall speed clean @ max weight: 64 kts IAS (75 mph) IAS
Stall speed with flaps, gear down: 56 kts IAS (64 mph) IAS
Fuel consumption @ 75% power (ROP): 14.1 USG/hr
Fuel consumption @65% power (LOP): 11,3 USG/hr
Fuel consumption @50% power (LOP): 8.7 USG/hr
Max Range with 45min reserve (LOP): 2500nm

Exterior Features & Mechanics

The Ravin 500 has done away with old metallic construction and is instead all-composite. Boasting just 150 composite parts in the entire airframe. Within this, every single rivet is clean & sleek highlighting its creator’s attention to detail and how that affects performance.
The all-composite element proves itself in the wing design alone. Creating an immensely strong wing that has been tested positively at well over 5G force.
The windows are made of thick plexiglass and are also molded into the structure, thereby contributing to the overall strength of the entire machine. There is no catwalk material, and also no antenna on the aircraft, (the antenna instead molded into the airframe during construction) both to reduce drag.
The Ravin 500 is powered by a 260hp Lycoming IO-540 engine, driving a three bladed Hartzell propeller.
The innovative placement and design of the engine’s air intake is just one area of the aircraft that vastly improves its performance.
Extensions have been added to the trailing edge of each blade of the propeller, enabling it to transmit pulses of higher pressure air more directly.
By so doing the manifold pressure is raised by up to 1.5 inches Hg in cruise flight, further enhancing the performance of the aircraft.


To give you a feel for its size, the Ravin 500 cabin is scaled down almost 7% from a Comanche. However, its sleek design means it is surprisingly roomy inside, comfortably fitting a medium to large sized passenger in both the front and back seats.
The 500’s floors are carpeted and all seats are covered in luxurious leather. The plane’s detail oriented design also reduces noise levels, allowing for easy conversation through the headset & intercom.